Modern Comfort, Historic Charm

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Your original windows are central to the character of your home, but are they drafty? Do garbage trucks, construction noise or barking dogs disrupt your sleep? Indow inserts solve these problems with the lightest touch on historic structures, both structurally and aesthetically, of any window solution. They just press inside your window frames without a damaging track or magnetic system.


Laser-Measured for a Precise Fit

Indow inserts are custom made from laser-measurements of your window frames. Even if your windows look square, in all probability, they aren’t. In fact, 95% of windows are slight trapezoids or parallelograms – that’s why we laser measure each window. Creating a precise, snug fit is key to how Indow window inserts effectively seal out drafts and dampen noise to make your home comfortable and quiet. We can even make inserts for arched windows and other custom geometries.



Indow inserts are made of acrylic and edged with our patented silicone Compression Tubing that’s nearly invisible when installed, keeping the attention on your home’s decor and existing windows. That’s why noted Frank Lloyd Wright restoration specialist John Eifler selected Indow window inserts for his own home.


Remarkable Sound Dampening

Live on a busy street? Indow inserts quiet that noise, so sidewalk conversations are hushed to a whisper and traffic sounds more like a babbling brook than a honking mess.


*Note, overall noise reduction performance depends on how much noise is coming through walls, ceilings, floor, and doors. The window noise reduction will be less when Indow inserts are placed over double-pane windows. We do not recommend Indow inserts for reducing noise coming through laminated glass windows, triple pane windows, or hurricane windows.


Want to keep your original windows, but have them perform like new double-panes? Indow window inserts are for you. Make your home a more comfortable, quiet place to be while avoiding the cost and inconvenience of window replacement – fill out the form below for a free estimate.

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