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Ann C – West Hills, Portland, OR (pictured at right): When I returned home I was surprised because I did not think they had begun the installation, but it was already finished! It was so fast, and the Indow Windows have such an unobtrusive design that I did not even notice them. The drafts disappeared. I now enjoy the beautiful light without the chill and it comforts me to know that I am burning less fuel in my furnace.

Judy C – Everett, WA: Within minutes of Chuck [Indow Windows local dealer] installing the windows, my heat pump shut off!  Even though both the average high and average low temperatures in Everett (WA) have been lower this year than last by a few degrees, I’m already using at least 2kW per day less than I did last year, according to the Snohomish County PUD! I expect future energy bills will show even greater savings.  The windows make an enormous difference in my 1925 bungalow — no more drafts, and my 95-year-old Mom is MUCH more comfortable now.


Lindsey H – San Francisco, CA:
From start to finish Brian and John [local dealer] were friendly, reliable, professional and basically a god send in my mind. Indow Windows have transformed our house from feeling like we live in a screen porch (very drafty and being able to hear word for word each conversation and car go by on our busy street) to feeling like we live in a warm cozy library, seriously! The transformation has been a game changer and a very affordable way to get the benefits of double pane windows without the cost and construction.
Nanci J – Northeast Portland, OR: It was heart-breaking to even think about replacing the original, leaded-glass, wooden windows in our 1920s home—but it was even harder to justify the exorbitant heating oil costs not to mention the impact on the environment of so much wasted energy. When I discovered Indow Windows I realized I had found an elegant and affordable solution! The quiet and warmth was instantly noticeable—however the inserts were not! My friend bumped her head and hand into them, knowing the inserts were in the window but not able to see them. That’s how seamless the design is! I highly recommend this highly functional, innovative, reasonably priced and easy-to-use product. The customer service has also been incredible!

Daniel S – Seattle, WA: My Acoustic Grade Indow Windows greatly reduced the sound of my basement studio—now my neighbors don’t hear guitar and drums and I don’t hear their lawn mower when I’m recording music. I am also happy with the thermal insulation that keeps my studio more comfortable.

Michelle S of  The People’s Yoga, Portland, OR: Our yoga studio faces out onto busy Killingsworth Street. Thanks to the substantial difference in street sounds after our Indow Windows were installed, our restorative classes have reached a new level of bliss. And our low-cost community yoga budget has also greatly appreciated the reduction in our utility costs!


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