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Indow Customer Reviews

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We’ve helped homeowners in everything from a mid-century modern house in California to a ranch home in Texas to an 18th century Colonial in New England block drafts and make their spaces quieter with Indow window inserts. Across the board, people are relieved and grateful when they find our innovative solution to make their windows just right without replacing them. They appreciate the support and service we provide as window experts working to create a more energy efficient built environment. We’ve loved working with our customers and we know from testimonials, they’ve loved working with us! Check out these Indow customer window insert reviews from all over the country

Window Insert Testimonial from an Architect

Architect John Eifler, who lives in a Frank Lloyd Wright home in Glencoe, Illinois, talks about how Indow inserts helped insulate the bedroom windows, which have beautiful wood mullions. He wasn’t about to replace these historic windows and loved that Indow provided an affordable solution.


Independent Window Insert Reviews From

indow window insert reviews

Read reviews collected by an independent third party on what customers had to say about why they purchased Indow inserts and the problems they solved. We take all customer feedback seriously – it’s what helps us continually innovate and spurred us to become the strong company we are today.


Window Insert Reviews from

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Maren got to keep her historic windows and block drafts

Maren used Indow inserts to block drafts in her century-old New England bungalow. She loves they have such a low-profile design, she doesn’t even notice them.

indow facebook review

Maggie was grateful to quiet outside noise

Maggie and her family decided not to move after Indow inserts quieted the noise from the traffic outside her historic bungalow in Portland, Oregon. Her family was also able to finally sleep better.


We hope you join these happy customers by choosing Indow inserts to solve your window challenges whether it’s drafts, noise or filtering UV light. We take pride in our ability to help people figure out the best solution for their problems, even if in the end, it’s not using Indow inserts. Your satisfaction is our number one priority because we rely on your support. Our window experts are waiting to help you make your space just right.

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