These are Indow windows reviews and quotes from general managers, CEOs, business owners, and architects who bought interior commercial storm windows for their property. They might have been looking to soundproof windows for office spaces or reduce hotel noise, but they all wanted to preserve their original windows.

commercial storm windows indow window inserts office soundproofing

Many old buildings contain landmark windows, which must be preserved for historic and architectural significance, and often due to regulations. Indow inserts are the perfect solution. Even if the windows are out of square, because of our 6 point laser measurement system, our inserts fit perfectly and nearly invisibly.

Luxury Hotel, Less Than Luxury Noise

This hotel went through a lot of trouble to ensure they gave their guests a luxury experience. Unfortunately, noise interrupted the relaxation guests sought in this beautiful Victorian. Indow commercial storm windows helped reduce hotel noise so guests could enjoy themselves:

“It was such a drastic difference. It was night and day. We’re 100% confident it will handle all the noise complaints generated from the street.”

– 21 Broad Street General Manager, Dan Matter

The inserts at 21 Broad Street blend in so well, Dan had completely forgotten they were there when he went to do some maintenance work on a window. But most of the time he remembers because the hotel noise reduction is so drastic. “You can hear the difference,” he said. “You can feel the difference.”

commercial storm windows indow window inserts office soundproofing

Cold to Cozy Conference Room

Conference calls were plagued by echoes and fire truck sirens. Meetings were guest to shivers and rattling panes. Because of the historic preservation commission, replacement windows would be $100,000 or more.

Then they found Indow to bring commercial storm windows and warmth to their office space:

“The difference in the comfort of those rooms is striking. It was embarrassing, now people gravitate to those rooms because they’re so quiet compared to the other rooms.”

– David Weigelt

The Market Street building, now over 100 years old, finds its conference room a gathering place for more than meetings. David has to kick employees out when he needs it for training or a client.

commercial storm windows indow window inserts office soundproofing

Historic College Windows Saved From Drafts & Damage

Bowdoin College had single-pane windows that are beautiful, but let in drafts, cold, and noise. Noise like the chapel bells that ring every 15 minutes. Exterior storm windows and plastic film didn’t fit the gorgeous romanesque features, but Indow interior commercial storm windows fit perfectly.

“They’re nearly invisible. Unless you know they’re there, you don’t know they’re there.”

– Shawn Gerwig, Administrative Coordinator, McKeen Center

Caitlin noticed the difference in the bell noise immediately:

“If it’s blocking that much sound, it’s helping with the cold. They eliminated the drafts.”

– Caitlin Callahan, Assistant Director, Mckeen Center

commercial storm windows indow window inserts office soundproofing

Architect Uses Commercial Storm Windows for Home Restoration

John Eifler is an architect who lives in a Frank Lloyd Wright home in Glencoe, Illinois. He’s spent years restoring his home to Frank Lloyd Wright’s original architectural and engineering specifications. No detail is overlooked, and each room needs its own solution.

Eifler has found that Indow commercial storm windows work for many of the challenges this home has presented—all of them including the need to preserve the historic windows and increase their performance level. Watch the video for the full account:

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