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Fight COVID-19 with Clean Manufacturing

We need to fight COVID-19 with everything we’ve got. Social distancing and remote work are critical tools, but to avoid an economic collapse, we urgently need to create safe spaces for employees who can only do their jobs at the workplace. Like Indow factory workers.

Since the first workday in March Indow has been racing to implement a sweeping set of changes in our factory to make it safer for all of our employees, and most especially for those falling into high risk categories. Our office staff are now 95% remote, with the sole person still in the office benefiting from abundant social distancing. But our production team is still coming in, so we need to keep our space disease free.

Indow CEO Sam Pardue holding up Clean Practices action plan which includes contactless installation

We learned how to do this using the business skills which help us to manufacture window inserts. We began using Lean manufacturing, but in a new way. Instead of using Lean to find and eliminate inefficiencies we are using it to find and eliminate disease transmission vectors. We call this practice, Clean. Clean manufacturing.

Free Resources For Businesses

Knowing factories everywhere are struggling with this same challenge, we are sharing 3 documents designed to allow businesses everywhere to immediately implement systematic changes to their workspaces. Download them now and start your Clean Practice today!


These ideas are based on our own own research and understanding of Lean manufacturing principles coupled with information put out by the CDC on COVID-19. They are not endorsed by the government and are meant to serve only as a guide during this rapidly evolving crisis and do not guarantee eliminating disease transmission vectors.


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10 Core Principles of Clean Manufacturing
  1. Create a plan.
  2. Build trust through open communication and by sharing your plan.
  3. Full buy-in. Everyone from the CEO to new hires participates.
  4. Use Gemba Walks to inspect your facility for potential COVID-19 transmission vectors.
  5. Implement Visual Factory by using easy to follow visual indicators and guides to reduce training time and reinforce proper practices.
  6. PDCA Plan (establish a plan and expected results), Do (implement plan), Check (verify expected results achieved), Act (review and assess; do it again).
  7. Use Kaizen (continuous improvement) to improve upon first efforts through innovation and collaboration.
  8. Expand trust by extending protection to all your workers through a generous sick leave policy. This is critical to avoid a dangerous disease vector: sick employees coming to work because their families cannot survive without their wages.
  9. Accountability
  10. Grow

Download our Clean Manufacturing Guide so you can implement these practices at your place of business.