Indow window inserts block drafts, reduce noise, and save on your bills. But, how much do they cost?

Indow pricing is by the square foot and the grade type you select.


How to Measure For An Estimate


Getting an Indow cost estimate is simple.

Find a frame step (see image 1) that is at least 5/8″ and without any obstructions. Measure the width and height of your window along that frame, using a tape measure (image 2 & 3). 

Step 1:

Some windows have more than one frame step, shown above in blue and yellow. Identify the best frame step for the insert.

Step 2:

Measure the width of the base of your window frame. Round up to the nearest inch.

Step 3:

Measure the height of one side of your window frame. Round up to the nearest inch.

For Indow inserts to fit:

There must be at least 5/8″ of flat space all the way around. 

The frame step must be unobstructed by window hardware or blinds.


Indow Insert Product Types

Standard Grade: Standard ($27/sf)

Premium Grades: Acoustic, Museum, Privacy, Shade Grade ($36/sf)

Commercial Grades: Commercial, Commercial Acoustic ($42+/sf)

Read about all Indow product types


Enter your email to save your window pricing for later. Contact us to speak to a sales rep about how to customize your order, including getting pricing on our other grade types. To process your order, we will need more detailed measurements for production. Your assigned Fit Specialist will ensure your window is compatible with our inserts and send you a laser measurement kit to complete your order.

Indow cost online estimates are only available for those in areas without local Indow sales representatives as an approximate indication of cost. We only offer the product in USA and Canada. Additional freight charges may apply depending on size of order and your location. Odd-shaped windows have an additional fee. Please contact us to receive an official estimate for your windows.


Why Install Indow Inserts?

Preserve your windows while giving them an upgrade. 

Easy to install & remove

Less money than replacement windows

No damaging hardware

Disappear into frames



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