We have nurse and first responder discounts available for our window inserts. Our custom-made window inserts fit inside your existing windows, disappearing into your window frames so you hardly notice they are there. You will notice: noise reduction, comfort, and energy savings.

Nurses and first responders work tirelessly to provide health and safety to our population. Indow wants to provide discounts to these heroes so they can make comfortable, quiet, and efficient homes.

Nurse discounts available for Indow inserts

What Are Indow Inserts?

Indow window inserts block all drafts and reduce outside noise by up to 70%. They control the indoor environment so temperatures never get too cold or too hot. Because of this, studies report an average energy savings of 20%.


They are easy to install and come with many health benefits:

  • Reduce exposure to noise to decrease the risk of tinnitus, stress, loss in productivity
  • Regulate indoor environment so body has to work less to regulate body temperature
  • Sleep Panel regulates sleep for night nurses to decrease the risk of cancer, obesity, & diabetes

Indow Insert Discount Details

All nurses and first responders can get 10% off Indow window inserts. Let us know when you order that you’d like to take advantage of our nursing and first responder discounts and ensure that you meet these criteria:

  • Order minimum of $250
  • Not combined with other promotions
  • If measuring windows yourself, return measuring kit within 14 days of receipt
  • Submit proof of profession

Your proof of employment can be in the form of employee ID. Discount applies to product only, not to fees or taxes.

Nursing discount available for Indow inserts

Night Workers Love Indow

Our Sleep Panels block light for total darkness and up to 50% of outside noise. As many night nurses know, blackout curtains, shades, and blinds can let light in around the edges and do little for sound. Indow Sleep Panels use silicone compression tubing to create true blackout windows.

As hospital night-shift worker, health enthusiast, and blogger Nom Nom Paleo says:

Night Nurse Nom Nom Paleo Book Cover
“These blackout panels are edged with the same material that goes around a refrigerator door, and simply press into place… my blackout shade and curtains weren’t cutting out 100% of the “light pollution.” We’ve had it in for a month and I LOVE it! Our bedroom is now like a cool, dark cave, and we’ve never slept better—no matter what time of day.” -Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo

How To Order Indow Inserts


Depending on where you live, we may have a dealer in your area to help measure and install your window inserts. If not, you can measure and install the inserts yourself.

You will be asked for rough measurements of your windows before receiving a free estimate for your window inserts. Then, either a dealer will assist, or you will be shipped a laser measure kit to get precise measurements of your windows which we use to create your inserts.

blackout window inserts available for nurse discounts

Read more about our measurement and ordering process.

When you are placing your order, be sure to let us know you are a nurse and would like to take advantage of the Nurse & First Responder Discounts.

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