We have a military discount for active military personnel, veterans, and military family members available for our window inserts. Our custom-made window inserts fit inside your existing windows to block drafts and noise to bring you comfort and energy savings.

Indow wants to give back to those who give so much to our country. We hope this military discount will make your home more comfortable, quiet, and efficient for you and your family.

Military Discount available for Indow window inserts

What Are Indow Inserts?

Indow window inserts block all drafts and reduce outside noise by up to 70%. They control the indoor environment so temperatures never get too cold or too hot. Because of this, studies report an average energy savings of 20%.

Indow inserts are made in the USA and custom made to fit your windows. Indow inserts use a patented compression system and laser measurement process to fit snugly and perfectly into your window frame. They require no construction and install in minutes.

Military discount available for Indow inserts

Perfect for Military Families

This should also be considered a military family discount. Indow window inserts can be easily installed by one person (depending on the size of the window). Once installed, the inserts nearly disappear into your window frames but can block up to 70% of outside noise.

This is great for:

New parents
Noise sensitive people
Those with noisy neighbors

All our window inserts also block drafts and heat so your whole family will be more comfortable year round. This means less time with the a/c and heat on and more savings for the family.


Indow Insert Military Discount Details

Our military discount of 10% off Indow window inserts is open to all members of the United States Armed Forces, all Veterans, and all Military Family Members. Let us know when you order that you’d like to take advantage of our military discount and ensure that you meet these criteria:

  • Order minimum of $250
  • Not combined with other promotions
  • If measuring windows yourself, return measuring kit within 14 days of receipt
  • Present valid military ID

Presentation of ID can be verified via phone. Discount applies to product only, not to fees or taxes.



Popular Mechanics Military Discount for Indow inserts
“These ingenious window inserts will slash your heating bill . . . Indow window inserts can be installed in minutes, and the insulation improvement is significant.”

– Ryan D’Agostino, editor-in-chief at Popular Mechanics.


How to Order Indow Window Inserts

Depending on where you live, we may have a dealer in your area to help measure and install your window inserts. If not, you can measure and install the inserts yourself.

You will be asked for rough measurements of your windows before receiving a free estimate for your window inserts. Then, either a dealer will assist, or you will be shipped a laser measure kit to get precise measurements of your windows which we use to create your inserts.

Dealer installing Indow insert for Military Discount

Read more about our measurement and ordering process.

When you are placing your order, be sure to let us know you are military personnel or a verteran and would like to take advantage our military discount or verteran discount.

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