Indow’s Trade Affiliate Dealer Program

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Becoming an Indow trade affiliate is a great way to generate a side income. Whether you’re a contractor, handyman, painter, historic preservationist or other home service provider, introducing your clients to Indow can earn you money. Indow offers comprehensive support for everyone in the trade affiliate dealer program so they understand how best to talk about Indow inserts with existing clients.

trade affiliate dealer programs

Often homeowners with drafty windows think they simply need to replace them. They’re grateful to learn about a solution that allows them to make their original windows perform like new double-panes. Indow inserts make a home more energy efficient, quiet and reduce energy bills.

Being a trade affiliate requires little more than talking about the benefits Indow inserts provide when you’re already in a client’s home. Your customer will visit our Trade Affiliate VIP page, select your company from the dropdown menu, and our dedicated Fit Specialists take it from there. We handle all selling, transactions and customer support – and you receive cash for all sales generated.

trade affiliate dealer programs
trade affiliate dealer programs

Program Benefits & Details:

  • 15% commission to YOU for all Indow products purchased by customers through the hotline or the dedicated website.
  • Provide additional value to previous customers.
  • Indow handles all selling, transactions and customer support.
  • No financial investment required.
  • VIP hotline & landing page access for Trade Affiliates.
  • VIP Pricing for your customers featuring discounts of 5% or more.

Join the Indow Trade Affiliate Program

To sign up, simply fill out the form below, read the Terms and Conditions, and click submit. We will process your request and get back to you shortly. Once you join, we will send you complimentary marketing materials and you can start generating referral commissions that will amount to hundreds of dollars per job. The average Indow insert transaction is $1,700 so your average commission will be over $250 just for introducing a customer to Indow!

For questions regarding the program, please call our office at 503-284-2260 or email [email protected]


Program Overview

The Trade Affiliate program allows you to earn a 15% commission on the sale of completed Indow insert orders that you refer. You do not need to sell the product or be trained in measurement. You simply provide your clients with a VIP invitation card that will give them VIP treatment and our VIP discount. In order to track the client back to you, they will be required to visit the VIP page or call the VIP hotline and reference your company. Check out our Trade Affiliate Information Sheet.

Signup is easy and free. Just fill out the form on this page! We will review your application in 1-3 business days. You will receive an email notifying you of the status of your application at that time.

Applications will NOT be accepted from outside the USA. We are currently unable to pay commissions to non-US entities.

An application will be rejected if you do not fully complete the form or provide incomplete information. Reasons for a rejected application may include, but are not limited to, a website or content that:

  • Infringes on Indow or third-party trademark rights
  • Contains hate, violence, discrimination, illegal activities or offensive material
  • Is deemed inappropriate at Indow’s sole discretion.

We are excited to have you on board! We will send you a confirmation email and then a physical package containing your VIP invitation cards and some brochures. After that we will keep in touch with a few different resources via email.

Each affiliate referral will get assigned to a Fit Specialist to work with them on their order. If your customer has requested assistance during the ordering process and you have specified that you are able to assist on measure and/or install, we will direct the customer to you once it gets to that stage.

There is no cost to join! It’s completely free to become a Trade Affiliate. If you use up your initial pack of VIP invitations you can purchase more for just a few dollars by emailing [email protected]


No. We will not create custom agreements or Terms and Conditions for individual Trade Affiliates.

WEBSITE: The landing page on the Trade Affiliate card will take your customer to a special landing page requesting their contact details. If they enter our site through this page, they will receive a VIP discount on their order.Provided they enter the site through the VIP page,our forms will require them to note who their Trade Affiliate was. It will then tag their contact record with your information, ensuring we compensate you if the customer chooses to order. Please note: should a customer enter our site through a page other than, we will be unable to track this as a trade affiliate referral and compensation will be at the sole discretion of Indow.

PHONE: The phone line is a trackable line that flags their call as a trade affiliate customer. If they call this line, they will receive a VIP discount on their order. Calling this line will flag the operator to ask who their Trade Affiliate was and then we tag their contact record with your information, ensuring we compensate you if it converts into an order. Please note: should a customer call our office initially through another phone number we will be unable to track this as a Trade Affiliate Referral and compensation will be at the sole discretion of Indow.

We can provide reporting on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis on how many referrals we have connected to your account. Simply email [email protected] to request this information. Note: for privacy reasons, we cannot provide you with the identities of the individual customers or their contact details. We will only be able to provide you with total number of referrals you have received.

As a trade affiliate, please refer your customers to the VIP hotline or website. They can see videos, read case studies or connect directly with one of our Fit Specialists. Our Fit Specialists are trained on all aspects of the Indow inserts and can provide specific fit and performance guidelines. Feel free to participate in the call with your customers, but please refrain from “selling” the product, as we want to make sure that we provide only the most current and accurate information to your customer.

Since you are not an authorized Indow dealer, you may not advertise the Indow insert, or represent that you directly sell the Indow product line. The Trade Affiliate program is designed to allow you to refer your existing client base to Indow and earn additional revenue. If you would like to learn more about building your business with Indow and our dealer programs, please email [email protected] for more info.

Earning Commissions

You will earn 15% of net product revenue on completed orders only. This is for the cost of the product only – commission is not earned on shipping or service fees. Customer prospects must submit an inquiry on the VIP landing page or call the VIP hotline in order to be properly tagged to your account.

We will pay you by check unless you request that other compatible forms of payment.

Commissions are earned with your profile when the order is shipped. Earned commissions are accrued and paid on a quarterly basis.

trade affiliate dealer programs
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